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Download Temple Run OZ Apk for Android

Temple Run: OZ apk is available to free download for all Android phones and tablets. Temple run is the series of best ever running game that earned enormous fame throughout the world. The first member of the series was developed and published in 2011 by Imangi Studios. The great success of the game provoked the developers to introduce new more interesting member games in the series. Temple Run Oz is the latest game is the latest installment in the said game series. It is available in Google Play Store as “Endless Run Lost Oz”.  It is downloaded more than 5 million times and got an average of 4.6 stars by more than 31 thousand people.

This game has been presented by the Disney and Imangi Studio inspired by Temple Run 2 and the movie Oz the great and powerful. It is a brand new endless running game. Whoever plays the game, he/she become fond of it. Temple Run Oz is perfectly developed game with numerous adventures. One of the interesting features of the game is parachuting. Now you can fly high in the air by using a parachute. You need to tilt your mobile phone to control the parachute. You will definitely enjoy the flight in the game. You can read more about this game on Wikipedia here.
Temple Run OZ Download
The environment in the game seems real and natural. The realistic animation of this game will take you to an another world and it is so addicted that it will be difficult for you to come to your real world. The graphics of this game is very amazing. It is the fourth installment of most popular game series, Temple Run, which is liked by everyone. It is the most advance form of temple run with extra features and thrill. The quality of graphics is as same and as great as in Temple run 2. This game has been created by combining the graphics of Temple run 2 and the beautiful and amazing sceneries of Oz. Temple Run Oz is different from the sequel because its movie source material is taken to great effect, from the Movie of Oz. For beginners, it is the most smooth and beautiful entry in the do date. Slick animations, such as trees lied in your path or tree roots sprouting in your path, also doing a great job in injecting beauty and ensuring players’ heart race as fast as their fingers.

Game detail:

  • Name: Temple Run OZ/ Temple Run OZ 2
  • File Extension: Apk
  • App size: 75.44MB
  • Category: Android Games
  • Signature: FB140F2F67172D868FBD8D4D3E0699196EAD70DE
  • Version: v1.7.0/ latest
  • Required: Android
  • Android OS: Version 2.1 or higher 
  • MD5: 584DAFF192AD25E654F6E90D170A1506
  • Package ID: com.disney.TempleRunOz.goo
  • Developer: Disney.com
  • Note: this app is not available on Play Store
Temple Run OZ Download

The creators of this game have invented many difficult and unpredictable tasks in this game which needs a lot of concentration. This will help to regulate your brain activity and improve your concentration level. You have to run away from an unknown dangerous creature. Your character will face many unpredictable obstacles which will try to stop your character. You have to clear all the obstacles meanwhile collecting all the coins while running. As you progress through the game it became more fast and difficult to play, meanwhile, the fantastic sceneries of this game also changes.
The controlling of this game is very easy. It contains no any complex and difficult controlling system. Just like the previous game, players can jump, slide and take turns by just simple swipe of fingers. Along the way, players will find many gifts and power ups, level could be unlocked, thus points can be gained. Other features are also added, like, navigating Oz’s hot air balloon through the clouds to gain extra points and coins. Also, there are many appearances which are taken from the movie like the infamous flying monkey.
Temple Run OZ Download

The new features in this game contains the running of a china girl and seeing Oz in different appearances, beautiful, amazing and smooth environment inspired by the movie-explore them all, hot air balloon flying through the clouds to earn bonus coins, there are different sign locations by following them the player could explore different locations or you can also use a “head start” feature, when you progress the environment changes it tests your reflexes and last but not least you can also beat your friends by completing daily challenges and leader board.

In a nutshell, Temple Run Oz is amazingly interesting game that will engross you. Once you install and play it, you would wish to play the game all the time. From its rating and reviews from different websites, it can be revealed that the players have never found any fault in the game. It is perfectly developed to hold all your attention. We are confident enough to say that you will love the game. Just download the game, and enjoy your run!

Download Temple Run OZ Apk for Android Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Murad Ali


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